Friday, May 12, 2006

Remember when those tables and benches used to have lunchtime picnics? Where did our lunch buddies go?

What if those people who worked in that hospital over there never do come back? I sure hope that nice lady has enough food for us AND those hungry birds too!

The two tabby brothers in the first picture used to have lunch every day with a nurse from the hospital you see in the second picture......but first the wind came, then the bad rain, then the water that wouldn't go away, and then that nice nurse doesn't come out of that hospital....nobody does anymore. So now, these brothers keep each other company and wait for somebody to show up this week with food, hopefully enough food this week to help the hungry birds who don't go to picnics anymore either.

Please Help Animal Rescue New Orleans as they continue in the fight to be the link to life for this feline family and other feline, canine and hungry families left on the ground of this shell of a town called New Orleans.

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