Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As I continue to work on the ground in this city, to do my part to help those eyes that peek out from the long-abandoned wood-pile that was once a house, those eyes that hide behind a gate, a gate frozen in place, a gate frozen in a time when human hands would open the gate and than open a business, I find myself thinking about more than the quantity of lives that remain........hard as I try, I can’t ignore the sad reality that, for those eyes still peeking, food and water may be the only thing I have to offer them today.

I see that the quantity of animals who remain is obviously different than in the early days, but I also see that for the three cats that remain on that deserted street, or for the mother dog and her pup who travel from block to empty block, the quality of life that they experience is its own tragedy. The ones we couldn't get, the ones we continue to work to help, if only in the form of food and water, do they miss the ones that we did get? Their worlds have changed and then changed again, and then, changed again......... so much of what they knew is gone, green grass, full dumpsters, noise. After this long, is what’s gone also forgotten? Or, do even the terrified ones welcome the sound of my wheels, the sound of my voice, the sound of life?

In the early days, the meal was what they waited for, what they killed their own for when the numbers forced them to wait beyond survival. My heart would break when I could see it in their eyes.......I hadn’t worked quickly enough and for that week, they had been hungry. But, as I would fill the bowls to the very top, I would take some comfort knowing that now, their bellies would be filled, if only for a short time. Now, as I work to help the ones that are left, my pace is not life and death frantic.......time and the efforts of many have reduced the numbers that I must continue to help, and while my heart broke in the past when I looked into their eyes, I could look. Now, nearly a year after their unending tragedy began, the easy part for me is filling their is often impossible for me to look into their eyes, because now, nearly a year after, it is their hearts that are broken.

Food and water won’t heal their hearts, but unfortunately, for many, it is the one thing we can continue to give to them as we work to find volunteers desperately needed.....needed to still help find their families, needed to still find new families, needed to still find space, needed to still find funding, find sanctuaries, find solutions, find a lost city. Food is the one thing that we can make sure that they don’t have to search for........but we still need your continued support. We still need the rest of the wonderful world that has been their lifeline, our lifeline, to hang in there, to go the distance, so that their unending tragedy still has the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a journey “home”

Visit the ARNO link to the right and donate today so that Animal Rescue New Orleans can still continue to fill the bowls while they still continue to work to find ways to mend each broken heart, one at a time if that is what this journey is going to take

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Binary Blonde said...

I can barely make myself read your posts, because to this day I feel guilty for NOT being there to help those eyes peering out from the shadows. MY heart breaks to know that I am not there to heal their tiny broken hearts.

God Bless You for "still". I wish I could say the same.