Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Orleans has received enough help

When is it time to say when in a "third-world" country?

I attended a feeder/trapper meeting at ARNO last night....the room was filled with positive energy and all of us, all 15 or so, shared ideas, encouraging words and our despair as well. These are the people who survived Katrina and over a year later are working themselves into an early grave.....Why? Because regardless of how many animals any one organization claims it rescued in New Orleans, those of us left behind to figure it out see the real picture everyday......the animals that got out were the lucky ones, but unfortunately, only a percentage of the real, true street animal population in this dead zone that was a city once upon a time.

The pictures that you see are all of ONE, one, 1, street, South Miro Street.
South Miro Street is part of a section called Tulane/Gravier, one of the poorest neighborhoods in this, how can it be poor if there is noone there? All the pictures are new except for the one with the building side torn off but I can assure you that is frozen in time...I know because I took 2 baby kittens, about 5 weeks old from the side of the road where they were sitting, a quartet, as if waiting on a bus....those darn kittens

Tonight, I searched for an hour in the rain but the mother cat must have removed the other two...tomorrow is just another day...another day in this wrinkle in time.
Late in the evening I could only hear but not see another batch of kittens, these in Section 8NE...newborns. It killed me to leave from under that house, the same house where I buried a cat who died on S. Miro Street....bury the dead in the dead zone.....but two blocks down, Central City, crime zone. Do you think I could get a junkie, a hooker (very popular on Tulane Avenue now) or a gangster to help me trap?
I don't care what they do in their own time, if they could help me help these animals.

75% is the threshold...if you're not hitting it in spay/neuter, you are failing...there is no A for yes, we, I am failing every single day here because early this year, it must have been decided that these animals were not rescuable, not worth saving.....I guess nobody let us in on the acceptable losses formula and we may be down, but we are not so far down we don't just brush aside the fact that even if there are acceptable losses in the current population, that only assumes a stagnate one....these animals are having babies every day on these deserted streets...anyone know somebody who has a s/n mobile unit? I think there are some of us about ready to learn s/n surgeries ourselves...but we have no unit, and you don't think ARNO Section 20 has a closeby clinic, do you?

I'm not bitter, just sad, very sad because we were failed, but if we could do this, it wouldn't breaks our hearts to be the ones who fail these animals
New Orleans, it used to be a fish, it's an island.

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Fla Person said...


Day after day, month after month, and now year after year, your commitment has not faltered. We would all be lucky if we had your heart, and if we couldn't have your heart, to have all of our friends have a heart like yours. You make me both humble and proud.