Sunday, May 21, 2006

You tried so hard to save your babies, please let me save you

I tried to trap your babies; I should have known that you moved them three days earlier when the men started to work on the building. I looked, I really did, but you were such a good mama, you hid them so well. I would never have found them and I am glad that the man who's shed you moved them too was there today to tell me that he tried to help them but they were stuck in the flower pot you put them in and they just couldn't breathe. He showed me the little area of earth that he was able to find under all the rubble of what used to be his back yard......he buried your kittens there when he couldn't save them and he put the flower pot with some flowers on top. He decided to do this instead of planting flowers, he just does not think they will grow in the ruins of his home.

Mama cat, we are both keeping an eye out for you now.....we are going to get you so that you can find a better place, a place where you will eat every day and a place where you will be safe.


Sorry Mama, I really tried to save your Kittens

Even though I was too late for your two beautiful kittens, we managed to get you, all 6 pounds of you and you will never have to watch another litter of babies die again. Who would have guessed through all your hisses that you are really such a sweet girl......I hope someone will see past your skeletal body and know that you need love AND nourishment. Now that Animal Rescue New Orleans has you off the street, finally, you can have a meal EVERY day.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Each One, a Unique source of Joy

The smallest feline is a masterpiece. - Leonardo Da Vinci

Monday, May 15, 2006

One day, One kitten, One life at a time

"...Saving just one animal won't change the world
...but, surely, the world will change for that one animal..."

Eight months ago, I would not have believed what the future held for me; but, before I shed tears for what my life has become and what I wish it could be, I think about this little guy and what the future holds for him and his family.......what if I can't get him out before our next hurricane season? My pace has become faster and more frantic because I know that in 3 weeks, another season starts and I am terrified.....terrified that this time around, I will be helping to pull more babies like him from the destruction and I am terrified that babies like this one, and mothers like his on which every rib in her pathetic little body can be counted, I am terrified that they won't have the strength to wait until we can pull them through the destruction they now call home, or worse, that they won't have the strength to survive yet another wave of destruction that, for the rest of my life, will only be one nightmare away.

If you have any time to give, please, please consider volunteering for
Animal Rescue New Orleans, an organization STILL on the ground, STILL dedicated to finding, nourishing, trapping, rehoming the animals that STILL remain in New Orleans.
Please follow the link to the right and visit Animal Rescue New Orleans website to see how you can help.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Remember when those tables and benches used to have lunchtime picnics? Where did our lunch buddies go?

What if those people who worked in that hospital over there never do come back? I sure hope that nice lady has enough food for us AND those hungry birds too!

The two tabby brothers in the first picture used to have lunch every day with a nurse from the hospital you see in the second picture......but first the wind came, then the bad rain, then the water that wouldn't go away, and then that nice nurse doesn't come out of that hospital....nobody does anymore. So now, these brothers keep each other company and wait for somebody to show up this week with food, hopefully enough food this week to help the hungry birds who don't go to picnics anymore either.

Please Help Animal Rescue New Orleans as they continue in the fight to be the link to life for this feline family and other feline, canine and hungry families left on the ground of this shell of a town called New Orleans.

Cats are resilient, they can survive off of garbage...

But, what if the only garbage around is the concrete ruins of a lost city?

Will you help feed the innocent ones who couldn't make it out while they wait for their city to return? Please visit Animal Rescue New Orleans' website at the link to the right, and find out how you can help sustain the solitary survivors that barely exist amongst the ruins that used to contain life.....and garbage.....and a meal.

Should she eat today, or let her babies have a chance?

With your help, Animal Rescue New Orleans can feed this starving mama and her babies

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


?? / ?? / ?? - 05 / 09 / 06

I will miss you dearly and will forever regret that I could not get you back to your family. I hope that if the family who loved you before Katrina ever finds this, I hope they will believe that you were completely loved after Katrina took you away from them and that you had a second family with us.
Rest in Peace, KiKi