Thursday, May 31, 2007

Socialization of a Feral Dog Pack

Socialization, Capture and Rehabilitation of a Feral Dog Pack
in Post-Katrina New Orleans

For Shannon


Jeanne and Marsha said...

Hi Lise,

Yeah! You got the other 2 pups! Great Job! This is Marsha, one of the photographers from Colorado that was at ARNO a few weeks ago. I took photo's of Clovers intake. Can you call me with your email address or email it to me if you can see my email address from here? I would like some info on Billie the Kid, I believe you brought him in to ARNO. I am definately adopting him! I can't wait! Thanks a bunch! Marsha

janavere said...

I have two feral pups(1 year approx.)They were with a pack of about 25 dogs on an abandoned winery. Someone was definitely coming at them with a stick as I imagine they were an intimidating bunch. The male is pretty fearful of men and gets pretty scary sounding if unable to flee (on leash) and the female will chase people and bark at them if they are in what she perceives as her territory. They are especially bad together. Female antagonizes male to be aggressive. I have had them since they were about 3-4 months old and need to be patient with them but it is scary sometimes.
Have read all the training techniques, taken them to training, have many years of experience, they get good exercise, good food, crate trained. Have worked with citronella bark collars(the bark is their first part of bad behavior.)All three collars jammed, moved on to beeping, am now on shock collars after bite of visitor.
Anyway, just needing a little support. Trust that time will heal all wounds...right?