Monday, August 20, 2007

Thank You, Michael Vick

Whereas many of us, you know, the animal people, we understand the levels of cruelty that truly exist in the world, particularly as it rears its ugly head in the animal world, we also understand that every battle against such cruelty has been uphill, every victory has been so difficult to achieve. We live in a world where so many see the obvious cruelty in starving a dog but don't know, don't care or don't have the time to worry about the seals who are clubbed for their fur, ultimately to be used as a fashion accessory, a world which might love their own precious cats but doesn't see the inhumanity in seeking to eradicate ferals in their neighborhood and these juxtapositions that seem to exist never cease to amaze me, but the Michael Vick case has managed to amaze me even more so.

Finally, the levels of cruelty, inhumanity, depravity, viciousness, brutality and heinous acts that all of us know exists and goes on everyday as humans neglect, outright hurt, or look the other way as animals become their victims, finally, all of these horrible characteristics have been delivered, up close and personal, to the world and more importantly, mainstream America, and delivered in what so many thought to be a beautifully wrapped package....Michael Vick. Now, finally, mainstream America has the opportunity to just get it.....the levels of cruelty, inhumanity, depravity, viciousness, brutality and heinous acts aren't really just a problem for those animal people to fight and they aren't really just things that go on in the darkest corners of the ghettos, slums, projects, you know, the bad part of town. No, now, and finally, mainstream America gets to see what we already knew, that these horrible crimes, these horrible acts and these horrible ways of thinking are everywhere and that includes mainstream America in all its middle-class, two door garage neighborhoods. There might not be a Bad Newz Kennels on your block, but if you pay attention, you can bet that somewhere and anywhere and everywhere on your own block, there are in fact shades of gray which exist as to what each and every one us considers cruelty and inhumanity to be. Now and finally, mainstream America has the opportunity to just get it..... a man with a gift, a gift that allows him to sign his name to a piece of paper and to collect $130 million dollars to show up on Sundays and throw a ball down the field, a gift that makes so many corporate pots of gold his for the taking and in exchange for only his name, a man with gift trades it all away, all of it except for that gift, which ironically remains, he trades it all away and just so that he can watch living breathing creatures who have no choice, creatures he has made life and death decisions for, watch them as they draw blood and end life.
And the shiny bow on top of that pretty little gift package?....the man with such a gift, the one who is willing to trade all of his pots of gold away, needed more than that blood and that death, he had to have more of it, and so manufactured it, death that is, and he took his own primal and perverse satisfaction in finding novel ways to manufacture that death......a man with such a gift had to have more than an injection or even a bullet, he needed electricity and nooses and blunt trauma, and those are only the highs, rather the lows, of depravity and cruelty and inhumanity that we know about.

Now and finally, and thanks to that gift-wrapped package, there seems to be, and historically so, a consensus, a universal thinking as to what mainstream America will not turn their heads from and not turn their channels from and what they will not tolerate and accept and will not allow, and now and finally, it does my own heart some good to see that mainstream America seems to have drawn its line in the sand, seems to have said, "Enough" There can be no mistaking the irony of the setting in which that line in the sand was drawn........mainstream America seems to have found and stated its universal "Enough" even at the expense of losing one of the most beautifully wrapped gift-packages it has, even at the expense of altering the course of one its most enduring past-times, Sunday with the NFL, for what this gift-wrapped package has delivered to mainstream America, and ultimately, for what that package has delivered for us, you know, the ones who have been trying to get mainstream America to just get it, I want to say, Thank You, Michael Vick....I think that they finally get it.

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