Monday, May 26, 2008


Photo Montage by Gerald Pool, ARNO
Photos by Lise McComiskey, ARNO

Nearly a year ago, in June 2007, I posted a story about Billy the Kid, in my story, "Moment of Grace" Billy is a feral dog very close to my heart and the story revealed my second-guessing seperating him from his brother Jesse to send him to his forever home in Colorado and the resolution that followed. Nearly nine months later in March 2008, Billy's brother, Jesse, found his own forever home....reunited with Billy in Boulder, CO. Marsha and Ray Steckling gave Billy a new life and wanted to do the same for his brother and for that I and ARNO are forever grateful.

Please click on the title above, Reunited, to see some of the touching photographs that Marsha, a professional photographer took of this reunion and please paste the website address listed below in your browser to see just how Marsha (and her sister Jeanne) are making a difference for Katrina animals nearly three years after the disaster.

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