Thursday, May 29, 2008

One at a Time

Today was one of the bad days, one of the days when you just wonder why you bother and it's near bedtime for me now, but thanks to an old friend, I won't go to bed wondering tonight.

"Wizard" at Animal Rescue New Orleans, September 2006

I was very down most of the day after getting the news that "Arlo" had been euthanized. Arlo was a cat I had never even known except for the few minutes I saw him last night after having been dropped off because he appeared ill. Arlo was a skinny orange and white nobody's cat that had wandered into the yard of a local hostel where some of ARNO's volunteers live while they are in New Orleans and Arlo didn't look good. After checking his symptoms on the internet, it was decided that Arlo should be brought to the after hours emergency vet for evaluation of possible poisoning. Today I got the news that Arlo had been poisoned and antifreeze was probably the weapon of choice.

The entire afternoon dragged on mercilessly and even after visiting the hostel this evening, it was clear that I will not find out who or what happened to this cat and so the rest of the evening was more of that down and out feeling of why bother, why do we do this when this is what we deal with?? I didn't imagine that I would find my answer tonight, but I did and the answer is that we do this one at a time, each one matters and we can't forget the ones that we succeed with and for, like my old buddy Wizard, my one-eyed purple stitched up beautifully white feral cat who was rescued in September, 2006 and brought to ARNO. I fell in love with Wizard back then and first told you about him on September 11, 2006 in "Why I help Animal Rescue New Orleans"

Tonight, while wondering why, I came across Wizard and it turns out Wizard has his very own Catster page, so I guess he's a blogger like me and there really is no story to this, no happy ending for Arlo, no satisfaction for me in finding the person who did this, there's just Wizard's Catster page, complete with pictures of him at home with his feline family and I guess for now, for tonight, his Catster page is enough for me to stop my wondering and go to bed.....One at a Time....that's all we can do and so tomorrow, I'll get up with a different perspective, I'll still be sorry that we couldn't help Arlo and that we even have to try, but I'll think about Wizard and all the other one-at-a-times out there.

Photos of "Wizard" in his family home, October 2007

Be sure to click on title hyperlink above, "One at a Time" to visit Wizard's blog page!

For Shannon

Monday, May 26, 2008


Photo Montage by Gerald Pool, ARNO
Photos by Lise McComiskey, ARNO

Nearly a year ago, in June 2007, I posted a story about Billy the Kid, in my story, "Moment of Grace" Billy is a feral dog very close to my heart and the story revealed my second-guessing seperating him from his brother Jesse to send him to his forever home in Colorado and the resolution that followed. Nearly nine months later in March 2008, Billy's brother, Jesse, found his own forever home....reunited with Billy in Boulder, CO. Marsha and Ray Steckling gave Billy a new life and wanted to do the same for his brother and for that I and ARNO are forever grateful.

Please click on the title above, Reunited, to see some of the touching photographs that Marsha, a professional photographer took of this reunion and please paste the website address listed below in your browser to see just how Marsha (and her sister Jeanne) are making a difference for Katrina animals nearly three years after the disaster.