Monday, March 30, 2009



As ARNO's Feral K-9 Coordinator I get to take part in transforming feral dogs into trusting companions, it is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. ARNO was gifted with these pups in February, 2009 when all 5 of them were unceremoniously dumped into 2 carriers outside our front door. They were so feral that they would not make eye contact, they would hide in the back of their kennels, they deficated and urinated all over us the first time we picked them up.Now, about 6 weeks later, after using a "gentling" method to obtain their trust, and by also incorporating play with a balanced dog, these pups are now enjoying our company and practically begging for more of our attention. I love this job.

Above photographs of feral pups March 2009, Maggie Covert
Photographs below taken at halfway point by Laura Richard, February 2009

Check out the difference in the photographs halfway point to the photos taken after incorporating play into the pack's rehabilitation, we are attempting to overcome the fact that ferals don't exhibit neotenic playfulness or on the streets forces them to learn to survive in spite of man, not with man and early adult behaviors are common among feral dogs and loosely formed feral dog packs We got stares and snapping turtles in the beginning, and when you have puppies rescued before they go feral, you generally and almost immediately have playful, the blank stares and snapping has been replaced with cautious play and open mouthed smiles! These pups came straight from street to being dumped and were with mama dog until whomever trapped them...they exhibit amazing bite inhibition, something young pups do not.

Lise Mc
ARNO Feral K9 Coordinator

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