Monday, January 25, 2010

Bless You Boys!

Last night as I drove home from an NFC championship party, I had to turn my radio down and roll my windows down to listen to the noise all around me, the sound of a million, or so it seemed, horns honking, all around me, from Airline Hwy to Jefferson Hwy, from the Superdome to River Ridge and way beyond and everyone in this city knew just what those horns meant. That has happened only one other time that I can remember, with those numbers behind it, with that many participating, and it was on my drive back into the city, on the "legal" drive back anyhow, when they allowed us back in for a peek, after Katrina struck, it seemed like every single car between Beumont, Texas and New Orleans was honking for the Entergy trucks that were headed our way, into New Orleans, the fleets that were headed that way to restore something, anything, because at the time, something was all that most had to hang onto to. I have to say that last nights' honks were so much sweeter than that last go round, almost 5 years ago, much sweeter.

Coach Peyton's speech was very fitting, that building used to have holes and it used to be wet, but it's not now, not anymore. For me, of course I want the Saint's to win that Superbowl, but if they don't, they still did what they needed to do, they won in that building, in this city, among their fans, fans that probably needed more than any others in the world...they can't take away what happened there in the past, what happened here in the past, but in 60 minutes of on the clock time, and after one hell of a season, they've reminded us once again, that we do live in the greatest city in the world!

Bless You Boys!!